Sensory Path

It’s a path that starts from the base of the slope on which the castle is built. A journey made of sounds, colours and smells that peaks at the top of the panoramic terrace. During the stroll, the Stronghold reveals itself gently among the trees’ branches. It is only when the Garden of the Simples is reached that the proper magnitude of the structure is perceived.

A Medieval garden where each botanical species was planted with both educational and culinary purposes (many plants are edible), and where the majestic Himalayan Cedar Tree towers, competing with the main defensive tower for whom is the highest.

The journey continues in the inside, where the staircase that links all the levels leads us to the walk on the ramparts and ends with the final rapture of the huge panoramic terrace, where everything seems to kneel to the majesty of the Stronghold itself.

From here the point of view over the landscape is truly unique and charms with the embrace that nature gives to the guests. A real path of the senses, designed to deeply enjoy the atmosphere of the Stronghold. The best business card that you could ever imagine.