Myths and Legends

The XI century is the one that marks the beginning of the construction of a building initially designed for defensive purposes. The past of the Stronghold is almost a thousand years old.

Its strong walls, thick up to 4 meters, have seen wars, the turnover of reigns, have witnessed time and its changes, life coming and going. And just like we foresee astonishing tales from an old war veteran, we expect the same when we ask these walls, which keep secrets still unsolved nowadays.

Stories are told about men and women, about loves blossomed under the shade of the Lebanon Cedar, consumed, lost and at last doomed to an eternal darkness that nobody remembers, but that many swear can still be heard.

There are legends, like the one about Cagliostro, the notorious alchemist said to have found in these very rooms the formula of the Philosopher Stone able to transform every metal into gold, and to have hidden it here in the Stronghold, in the tunnel maze underground.

The myth tells that the Stronghold keeps the secret thoroughly, and that the signs to reveal it are still waiting for someone capable to read them. And then, of course, there are stories still waiting to be written down. Those who will take place in the future and that will tell about you, now that the Stronghold has a new life, now that it has started to shine again in a new light.