Architecture and Restoration

The architecture of the Stronghold still shows all its layers, starting from the first stones laid in the XI century, perfectly visible thanks to the fine work of the Archaeological Superintendence for Fine Arts and Landscape of Piedmont.

The same goes for the later construction of the noble palace of the XIII century: its abrupt interruption and the collapses of the fortified towers are well recognisable on the external walls. The building is made of six levels, all connected through the helicoidal staircase that ends up at the panoramic terrace, and that allows to reach the top of the only remaining tower, standing 30 meters over the underlying garden.

The current architectural language is as much adherent to the original as possible. All the interventions done to revamp the building are discrete and evocative, both in shape and used materials, simple and austere.

The exposed stones have been completely sandblasted and restored and also the recovered woods have been reused; even the furniture and the raw iron lighting systems – all specifically designed – have been made to evocate the bare and plain Medieval spirit, in order to offera sensorial experience projected back in time.